Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Watching God

Tonight I'm sitting quietly by myself as the kids sleep.

Quietly except for the washing machine which is working much too loudly.

And I'm sitting here thinking how today I got to watch God work in my life.

I got to watch and wonder, what is He up to? Where is He going with all of this?

Today I watched God work, I watched pieces of His bigger plan unfold before my eyes and I wondered, what does this look like to Him, who can see past, present and future? How does this all pan out in the end?

I feel equal parts of terror and awe.

Equal parts of anxiety and calm.

God's moving and working, and I'm watching and waiting, and trying to trust His plan.

It's not easy.

But it's harder still not to imagine that He is answering prayers and righting wrongs.

It's hard not to imagine that this is God's way of granting us a "do over" of the things that have gone so awry in our lives this past year.

It's in His hands.

Those hands have worked miracles.