Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A new year, and a new plan!

It seems that on the dawning of a new year, I'm always struck with a huge desire to deconstruct and reconstruct my life. I know I'm not alone in this. New beginings bring out the planner in me, they make me start dreaming of possibilities and goals, they give me hope.

This blog was born at the start of a new begining, when I was filled with hope and a desire to change and improve my life, and my marriage. This goal still remains, even though we made great changes and improvements in 2010! There's always work be to be done and more joy to be had!

This year will be a year of challenge and change for us.

We're expecting a new baby in April, we are overjoyed, and couldn't be more excited to meet this new addition. But, new baby means I'll be on maternity leave, it means living on less money, it means learning to budget, and to manage our time and money better. This year I'll have to learn to schedule and plan and organize, in order to really enjoy all the blessings God's given me, including time for my marriage, myself and my faith.

This will be a busy year for us all.

So, my goals for this new year, this exciting new begining, is to sharpen my time management abilities, by creating and actually following a schedule. I also need to learn to reign in our spending, I want to learn to craft and adhere a family budget, and I want us to have fun being frugal. I want to carve out a time each day for my faith, for reading the Bible and devotions, and for prayer, I've really slacked in this area and I know how vital it is for my spiritual health that I resume these things as soon as I can.

And of course, once our new baby arrives, I know I will be struck once more with a desire to improve myself, my health and my physical appearance. I cycle through this goal each and every year, but I don't want to talk myself into believing that because I have to do it again and again that I may as well give up, thats no attitude to have. So once our baby has arrived, I will also try and schedule in time for me and exercise and focusing on getting "me" back, to whatever degree a busy wife and mother can hope to achieve.

I hope, that I can carve out some time for blogging, because writing helps me focus and organize my thoughts, which I have always found helpful when it comes to reaching goals!

Happy New Year!


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