Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It feels like forever.....

Since I had time to blog!

I don't think I've ever paid enough attention to how full and busy my life actually is!

Between kids and work and home and husband, I've got a nicely filled in schedule, not that I'm complaining, not one bit. I love having so much purpose and so many blessings filling up my life, but sometimes, well, often, I crave some "me" time. Such is the life of a mother eh?

So, right now the kids are both in bed, and Elvis is due home in about 20 minutes, maybe less. The house is freshly cleaned, dinner's in the oven, yummy desserts and appetizers are ready to go, and I have a few minutes of absolute silence to do whatever I want with. I choose blogging!

This blog is so valuable in helping me sort through my own head and making sense of what I find there, I think I'd be truly lost without an outlet for my thoughts and feelings.

So, what am I feeling you ask? I'll tell you!

I'm feeling hopeful, overjoyed, in love, contented, excited and blessed!

Big change from just a little more then half a year ago!

I'm feeling in awe too.

In awe of how good God is to me.

How faithful He is.

How dependable He is.

And also, in awe of the power of prayer, and of trust, and of faith.

Through prayer and trust and faith and reliance on God, I've made it through indescribable lows in my life. It didn't change the lows, they happened just the same, but I made it through them, where without all those things, I'm not sure I could have.

On top of all the other warm and fuzzy emotions I'm feeling tonight, I'm feeling grateful!

But, back to hopeful for a moment, and you'll have to excuse me for being vague, but I have to for now. But I feel a sort of hope and excitement I haven't felt in a few years now. It's a nervous anticipation, it's joyful, it's dreamy and it consumes me, it's absolutely fantastic to feel this way again! I feel lit up and inspired and maybe even younger and more innocent, if that's possible, maybe I just feel reminiscent of young and innocent, it feels good just the same.

My time may be precious and limited, but my life is good, the rebuild is still going strong and God continues to amaze me with his support and love and the blessings he pours out on us each day.

I'll be back, as soon as time allows!



Blue-Eyed Mystery said...

I love your positive look on life. It's inspiring.

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