Saturday, December 19, 2009


I'm a planner. It's what I do. I day dream, make lists, and create elaborate and detailed fantasies in my head about a variety of desires for my future. I plan weddings, vacations, babies, budgets, shopping trips, weight loss, landscaping ideas, parties.... you name it, I've dreamed it and plotted it out to the last detail in my head. Its who I am!

So, when I started thinking about the second chance that Elvis and I got at our marriage, I started thinking to myself "what will our future look like". That's when I decided to create this blog, to catalog our mutual goals and individual desires for our future together, and then to document the process, as we pursue a Christian marriage and family life, and as we strive to make each other more contented spouses and make each others dreams into reality.

So, what does that look like? What do we want to work on this next year? What are some of the rooms we want to include in our "new house" built on the foundation of God and the security He brings? I think I'll structure this blog and the projects within it, like rooms in a house.

So, we'll have....

The Living Room: Here I'll talk about goals and projects related to hospitality and how we relate to friends and extended family and how we display our Christian lifestyle to visitors in our home.

The Family Room: This room will be about projects and goals for our family and how we care for and love one another.

The Bedroom: When we're working on this room in our house, we're talking about marital issues, and how Elvis and I relate to one another and how we're learning to love one another. The bedroom will have a good set of blinds on the windows of course, as somethings must be veiled for privacy sake!

The Bathroom/Dressing Room: Personal grooming happens here, so here I'll discuss goals related to self, and how I am transforming myself, inside and out, and how I relate and project to the world.

The Yard: Gardens and quiet places to reflect, here is where we'll talk about God and how we're working to grow our relationship with him, like pruning the weeds from a flower bed and harvesting a crop from a vegetable garden, we'll talk about God's lessons and his blessings here.

Everett's Corner: Even our metaphorical home will have a special place dedicated to Everett and his memory. When we're working on Everett's corner we'll discuss how we're working to remember Everett, keep him a part of our family, and how we're doing good things in his honor.

So there you have it. From the ground up we're going to be building a new "house", but rather then build it on gravel, weak, like our own understanding of the world, we're building it on the rock that is Jesus and filling it with His teachings about life and love.

Let the adventure begin!



JJ said...

What a great start to a healing, growing blog and family! I look forawrd to reading and following your journey.

Jenny ~ IDOB
(Ryleigh and Keira's mom)

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