Monday, December 21, 2009

What I want my new "house" to look like......

Just like this.

Is it possible to rebuild something that has weathered several storms, and is worn and broken and crumbled, but still standing?

I think so.

Just look at them!

See that freedom? See that trust and that joy that's practically radiating from them?

I do. And I want that pack. So, in my blue prints for our big life renovation, gearing up to start in the new year, I am planning on building joy and trust and freedom back in to us.

Its going to be hard, we'll have to be careful, and no cutting corners. Some sacrifices will have to be made, in the short term for long term pay off. It will be so worth it to feel like those two in that picture again (and to look like them too! Haha!)



mommie43 said...

Katie l REALLY like this one when we do fall down God picks us up again. No matter how many times it happens, He's always will be there for us if we just let him in.

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