Saturday, February 20, 2010

The athlete in me

To those of you who know me very well, stop laughing! I'm not joking at all.

Today I've been pondering the athlete in me. I'm wondering if there's one in there, deep, deep inside this overweight and out of shape mama. Maybe?

Today Elvis was shopping for running shoes, just browsing, and it triggered something in me. Maybe I'd like to run some day? I dream about running all the time (bet you didn't know that!). I dream about running so fast that I'm practically soaring. Maybe that means something.

So, I propositioned Elvis. I asked him if he wanted to start running with me later this year, when I've lost enough weight and built enough exercise tolerance to actually run without promptly dying. He said yes, so there's pressure on now. I told him about my curiosity about my inner athlete, and I was surprised when he didn't completely balk, or fall to the floor of Spork Chek laughing. He questioned what sport it is I think I might like. I told him, I like soccer. And it's true, I do like soccer! One gym class stands out vividly in my memory, a grade 7 or 8 game of out door soccer, and it wasn't traumatic at all. To those of you who know me well, you can vouch for me, that there weren't many days in gym class that I didn't find traumatic. But this game of soccer agreed with me, I liked it, and had fun. That's big.

So, I think, buried beneath 55-65 extra pounds, a runner, or soccer player may lay in wait. How exciting! I get revved up just thinking about physically training for "My Sport." I get excited about a project beyond losing weight. Imagine weight training. Muscles emerging. Tone developing. Strength improving. Lung capacity increasing. Health bettering. Sounds good to me.

So, project one, lose weight and build some cardio endurance, and then on to the fun stuff!

On a very good note, I've lost 11 pounds already! Go me!



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