Thursday, February 18, 2010

Time.....'s marching all over us! Just look at this conclusive and concrete evidence! Look at my baby girl! This was just yesterday right? A fun, playful 16 month old, precious baby girl...

Not so!! You've been deceived, as have I! This picture was taken, prepare yourself for this, it was taken THREE YEARS AGO!

You may question, "but how can that be?!"

I know, I know, I myself have been puzzling over this! How can it be? How can it be that my baby isn't really a baby anymore? She in fact looks incredibly grown up, once again I have undeniable proof! Just look......

Look at that hair? Not baby hair at all! Undeniable, it took four years and three months and a few weeks to grow that hair. So friends, it's true, time is marching on, like it or not.

What's that? Still not convinced? Need more proof that this is not an isolated incicident with just one child? Okay then, here it is, feast your eyes on this.....

My precious, darling, third born baby, not long home from the hospital. Sweet and fresh and new. Seems again, like it was yesterday, don't you agree?

Well, then I'm about to blow your socks off friends. This is the final and most convincing bit of evidence I have that time is in fact hurling forward at a ridiculous and frightening speed! This picture is 2 years old! This baby, actually looks like this.....

You see! Not a baby at all!!! Practically a school boy! Getting hair cuts and handling them with the patience and ease of a grown man!

I tell you friends, hold your babies tight, because time is pulling us forward with force, and at a heart wrenching speed. And one day I fear we'll wake to find our babies have been replaced by adults, and their childhood just a fond and much longed for memory.

Time marches on. And we are powerless to stop it, which makes every moment with our children, incredibly special. Every one of them is worthy of noting. Soak it up. Remember it well. Tomorrow you'll be comforted by those memories. Good photo's will be like portals in time that can take you back to those moments, so take lots!

I've got more proof of time marching on, stray grey hairs, wrinkles around my eyes, etc... But you don't need to see that, for that you can take my word!



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