Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day's Gone By....

Just reminiscing about past Love Day's with my kiddo's! Celebrating love like this comes naturally, we do it every day. The love I have for my kids is indescribable.

My mommy guilt has me feeling bad that there are no pictures of Everett in this post. He never saw a Valentines Day, but every day with him was full of love and hope, and every day with him was a celebration of his strength and courage and life. I could feel bad that I have no Valentine picture of him to share, but it would serve no purpose. I've got to let go of guilt that has no purpose. Happy Valentine's Day in Heaven Everett, I wish you were here celebrating with us!

I've got Avery and Landon dressed in pink and red, and with some luck, and the help of a lot of candy, I'll get some new pictures of them posted soon, but they look precious, and you may just have to take my word for it ;)

Now, on celebrating a different kind of love, I'm also reminiscing! Just take a look at these two!

Nearly 8 years ago! Bright and fresh and new! How cute are we? Life put us through the wringer! We got seriously damaged over the past few years, so much so that we hardly resembled this happy, loving young couple, not at all. I can happily report that we're on our way back to being these people again. We're rediscovering love and life and ourselves and it's exciting and refreshing and brings a lot of hope for the future. This Valentine's Day with my husband is particularly special!

On a side note, check out how thin I am in that picture! I'm excited to be on my way back to that body too! (6 pounds lost, whoot!).

Happy Love Day!



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