Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Leaving on a jet plane.............

Our family is leaving for some much needed sun and fun VERY soon! I'm so excited! I'm excited for warmth and a break from our every day routine!

I'm excited to see the joy my children will feel on our vacation adventures!

I'm excited to get away and be with my family away from the stress and monotony of daily life and of winters in Ontario!

I think that this little trip away will revitalize us all and who doesn't need that?

Traveling with two young kids isn't necessarily easy, but we're not going alone and we'll have all kinds of family with us for company and a break should our sanity need it ;) And even if it's a little hectic, it'll be so rewarding, to give our kids a fantastic week filled with playing with cousins, playing our doors, swimming, amusement parks, rides and special treats. They need it!

They surely need the break as much as Elvis and I do.

We don't often consider kids and stress, but I know they feel it. And they've been through so much in the past 6 months, just as much as the rest of us.

They experienced our separation and the negativity that brewed between us for a while.

They experienced the tension.

Avery started school and now has a busy routine of her own.

They're pent up in doors most of the time, because neither are fond of playing in the snow.

They get bored.

They need a vacation as badly as anyone can!

I'll take a lot of pictures, because I don't want to forget these special trips with my kids and my husband, and my sisters, and Elvis's family too. These times are precious and important and are too soon just memories. So I'll take a lot of pictures to memorialize this particular vacation.

The vacation we almost didn't have. A family vacation, all of us together, that I didn't think we'd ever have again. This trip is a gift from God, as well as our second chance at our marriage and family. So we'll enjoy and cherish it, and the glory will go to Him, who made it possible in the first place.



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