Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Yesterday I got to take some photo's of my son, which is quite an accomplishment as two year old boys NEVER sit still. EVER. With patience and bribery (hence the sucker), I was able to get some really sweet shots of my little guy, that capture his energy and his boyishness, and the pure joy that he exudes about 23 hours a day ;)

Just look at him! Who does he think he is? He's a boy now, not a baby, but he's a joyful boy, so I guess that's okay.....

He's a bit of a clown too, a real little goof ball. He makes me smile, and laugh, he's good for my heart.....

And he's beautiful, inside and outside, he's amazing. He's a gift. And a joy. I hope he grows up knowing how cherished and delighted in he is. I think he will.

He doesn't look like a boy who lacks in that sort of confidence does he?

Not for one second of any day do I forget how blessed I am to have my beautiful children, the ones I have to raise, and the ones I don't. They're incredible gifts, and they enhance every aspect of my life. Is it any wonder my heart calls out for another? Well, not from where I sit!



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