Monday, March 8, 2010


I've been thinking about people.

I'm always thinking about people.

I'm fascinated with the world behind their closed doors, and the world behind their eyes.

People are unique, multi-faceted, incredibly complicated, self contained universes.

And each one crafted by the hand of God, each one carefully planned and placed in this world to carry out His will.

It's mind boggling. So many little universes, so many purposes walking around this earth.

But none of us is an island (wrap your head around that!). We're all part of an ever greater solar system, where our universes collide to carry out even more complicated and involved purposes that God has in mind. We're interdependent on one another, whether we like it or not, we need other people.

We crave other people, relationships are so vital, and again, so varied.

There's family, friends, co workers, neighbors, social groups, online friends, people you go to church with, professional relationships, etc...

There are so many kinds. Some appear to have less importance then others. Some feel more significant, some we think we can do without, and some we know we can't possibly do without.

Some frustrated us, repeatedly.

Some are rewarding.

Some are validating.

Some are maddening.

Some are warm, some are cold.

Some are fresh and exciting.

Some are wilting.

Relationships are complicated.

But likely the most important aspect of human life.

Our relationship with God, the most vital part of Christian life.

But, most things, problems or joys, can be brought back to a relationship.

This is my Gramma.

My relationship with her, is one of my most significant and life shaping relationships, right up there with the relationships I have with my parents. She's a pillar in my life. My relationship with her has been warm, loving, frustrating, maddening, validating and incredibly rewarding. She's been a fantastic teacher, and source of love and guidance. Without a doubt she's helped me live out God's plan for me.

I wish all my relationships could be so definable. So easy to assess. So, easy.

But they're not.

I've got people in my life that I want a better, or different relationship with.

There are people I want something more from.

People who are frustrating, limiting, distant, vague, people I wish would give more, or share more, or want more.

There are people out there, in my little solar system, who are just there, but we're not relating, and that frustrates me, in my new years pursuit for more meaningful friendships.

I want my family relationships to be warmer, closer and deeper.

I want my friendships to be more consistent, and more reciprocal, and warmer too.

I want to open my home to my people, those people God placed in my life. And, rather then just knowing people, I want to interact with them, relate to them, spend time with them, and share life more with others.

We're not islands, none of us, but sometimes it seems that way. Everyone's so busy in their corner of the world, distracted by the daily grind, that we fail to realize that our relationships with others outside our immediate circle of family and friends are wilting, or fading, and becoming less and and less authentic. Their relationships in title only, but the heart is going, or gone.

I'm so guilty of this. I'm so busy trying to better so many areas of my life, my weight, my marriage, my income, my talents, my "me" time, that I'm neglecting people. And that becomes painfully apparent when we're trying to think of people to drop in on and visit, and we can't think of anyone, because we don't have friends like that. How sad is that? We don't have friends to drop in on, or friends to invite over for dinner. We're isolated, and we did it ourselves.

We keep waiting for someone to make the effort to reach out to us, but they're all just as afflicted by the "busyness" we are, what makes us think that our people will think to think of us? While we're having the revelation, it's our responsibility to do the reaching out.

So I'm going to.

I'm going to stop letting my relationships slide.

I'm going to open my home to old friends and new. And family too.

I want my home to become a hub of family, friends and fun, and activity.

I want to broaden our circle of friends and connect more with family.

I'm excited about this!

If I've invited you over recently, I hope you'll take me up on it, and if not, well, I'll ask you again soon!



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