Sunday, March 7, 2010

In the springtime.....

.....comes the thaw.

At last!

Beautiful, new, fresh things are blooming. Making their way to the surface after a long, and cold winter. Both literally, and metaphorically speaking. The cold is giving way to warmth, and beautiful new things are coming to life. It's invigorating.

My marriage has gone through a harsh cold winter "season", and though the last few months have been full of improvements, I now finally feel like "spring" is dawning, and the last of the chill is melting away. It's joyous and exciting and indescribable, to see the buds of love, trust and romance peeking through once more.

And with this springtime dawning on our marriage, the foundation of our family life, the warmth is spilling over into our kids and our home and we're reaping so many beautiful blessings these days, and I am incredibly thankful, and am quite aware of who the glory belongs to.

Faith is blooming too. Just when you think that your faith or your gratitude can't get any bigger, it does, I have so much capacity to grow in my knowledge and love for God. We went to church today, as a family, for the first time in what feels like forever. Apparently our fellow church members felt the same way, as we got several looks today, looks that say "welcome back prodigal believers." But that's okay, they were friendly looks, welcoming looks, and I appreciated knowing our absence was noticed, as was our return, I think that just means that we belong, and we have a church we call home.

And, beyond the metaphors, spring is on the way. It's warming, it's thawing, and the sun is shining more and more. It's beautiful, and full of hope and promise of things to come!

Life is good!



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