Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We're graduates!

Graduates of Marriage University that is!

And by that I mean, our stint in marriage counseling is over.

Now, you don't get grades in marriage counseling, but I have to say I think we passed with flying colors ;)

But seriously, marriage counseling has been a profound blessing to us. It provided us with insights, information and opportunities that we wouldn't have otherwise had in our re-building process. In fact, our rebuild wouldn't have even gotten off the ground if it weren't for our fantastic counselor, who graced us with God's word, and enlightened us with God's plan for marriage. After all, God created marriage, and when one is broken, it makes perfect sense to consult His instruction manual. Why didn't we think of that?

So, just seven months ago, we were what seemed to be irreparably broken, and here we stand, mended. Healing from the inside out. Rebuilding. Nearly rebuilt I would say. And it feels better then I could adequately describe. God has a brilliant, and beautiful way, of taking the biggest wrongs in my life, and making them right. He has healed deep wounds, eased incredible pain, and removed the heaviest of sorrows. I could not be more grateful to Him, or for Him.

Walking out of our counselors home today, I was proud, so very pleased with us. It's impossible not to think back on the severing of our old selves, that night where we fell completely to pieces. It's even more difficult not to remember our separation, and the fear and sadness and anger that came along with it. And looking back on that, and then being present in the right now, it's undeniable a miracle was performed, it's impossible to not recognize that we experienced divine intervention. He cares for us, for Elvis and I, so deeply, He stepped in and intervened, and prevented us from tearing down, what he lovingly brought together.

Of course we realize that the real work is just beginning. We suffered a wound, a great big awful wound, and with God's help it has healed, but the challenge now stands, don't do it again. Don't forget, don't become complacent, don't backslide, don't wound each other any further. But now, we have "tools" in our proverbial marriage tool box, now we know things we never knew before. Marriage counseling was really a school of sorts, and we learned the art of communication, and of fighting, and of romancing, and of caring, and of respect. We learned the biblical definitions of marriage and the roles of each spouse. We had "ah ha!" moments, we stored those away, pondered and prayed on them, and we're changed. We're smarter now then we were before when it comes to what exactly marriage is and how it is to be managed. I know better now who I am in this partnership, and better understand who Elvis is. So, I think we've earned our good report card, and I can't wait to get out there and start my career in "Happy Marriage". Eyes wide open and fully aware of all the ways the world has to trip a couple up.

When I started this blog, my biggest ambition was to better my relationship with Elvis and rebuild what we slowly let break down. So I am understandably happy that we are doing so well. What I set out to is working, our efforts are paying off and confirming to me that we are capable of great and wonderful change when we take God on as a partner in that change.

I am rebuilding.

We are rebuilding.

And the healing and strength I feel is exhilarating tonight.



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