Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's been a while...

Since I've had time to get on here and blog. Life got busy there for a while. But a good busy, a happy and contented sort of busy.

This week seems like it will be no less hectic, but I need to make time for writing because it keeps me centered and sane and focused! It's vital!

This week Landon is due to start Nursery School, and I am both excited and panicked at the same time! His pediatrician and occupational therapist have recommended it, to help get him ready for Junior Kindergarten in September in 2011. They think it will help with his speech, gross and fine motor skills, and socialization skills, and I'm happy they're thinking ahead and getting him ready for his next big adventure. And he's so excited! He has a brand new Cars backpack he wears around the house, he toured the facility and immediately fit right in, he's going to have a blast! But this Mama is nervous! He's my baby!

How the heck did my baby get so big so fast?

It truly does happen in the blink of an eye. In a split second they go from wearing preemie sleepers to backpacks. And we're just left sitting there stunned wondering what the heck happened.

Our precious little Avery continues to thrive and learn in school, and I am quite certain that her reading abilities will surpass my own in the next few years! We're so proud of her and have been brainstorming ways to feed her voracious appetite for knowledge and books and keep her progressing like she has.

I've been working more regularly and am enjoying it more and more. I'm really enjoying the relationships at work with my co-workers, relationships that are hard to form when you're there so infrequently. But I am really starting to enjoy my co-workers (not that I didn't before) and going into work more often. I'm also enjoying the new level of significance I feel in my job, when I relate it to my faith, and try and care for my patients and their families from a Christian point of view. It makes me more patient, more sympathetic and more loving then I usually am, and I can feel the difference in myself, I enjoy it more.

Other things that have been keeping me busy are, Stella & Dot, socializing with family and friends (one of my new year goals), my kids, my husband, my house, our puppy, chores, shopping, and planning for Easter. It's a full, busy and completely fantastic life I have!

Dieting seems to have fallen off my radar for the time being, so if you pray, please pray that I can get that back on track!

Anyway, for now, that's all I have time to say ;) But I will be certain to get back at this blogging process more regularly in the near future!



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