Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just another day............

Today is just another average day in the life of me and mine.

But aren't they all?

Each and every day, whether its a day filled with excitement, or trials, or whether its a laid back, low key, "boring" day, they're your days. Each one on its own can seem underwhelming, maybe even boring, but each day is a gift, each one holds some little treasure, some little blessing, or life lesson of some kind. And they all add up, all your "dull" days and your exciting days, combine together to make your life. Our lives are, after all, just a collection of events, and days, and moments, some more memorable then others, but all of them significant.

Psalm 118:24

24 This is the day the Lord has made.
We will rejoice and be glad in it.

This is the day that God made. He made it and lovingly presented it to us, like a gift! And its our job to rejoice in it, to love it and enjoy it and all that its hours hold.

Here's what my day has been made of so far:

Woke up to the sound of my daughter calling out to go to the bathroom, 45 minutes before we're supposed to get up for school! Dragged myself to her room to help her, and she didn't really have to go! Put her back to bed and rejoined Elvis in ours.

Got some really great cuddling in before it was time to get up, I could have stayed in bed much longer, what a great start!

Got Avery ready to go to school, but we were having a rough start, I had a headache, she was a few minutes late but went off with her teacher with no tears, so it was a good start to her day. I had to promise to return before show and tell with her little Eleanor McDonald's toy that she wanted to show.

Went home and hung out with Elvis and Landon for a bit, then got packed up to take Landon to my mom and dads for a bit. Took Avery her toy for show and tell and headed off with Elvis to our marriage counseling appointment.

Had a great counseling session, talked about communication and rules for fighting fair. It was really productive and encouraging and I really enjoyed it.

After counseling we headed back home and stopped at East Side Mario's and had a nice lunch together before reclaiming Landon from my Dad. Good times.

Picked up Landon, came home and got him down for a nap.

And that brings us up to right now. I'm propped up nicely on the couch feeling quite mellow, blogging and chatting with my sister, and Elvis is in the process of bringing our new (used) dryer in the back door, which is an incredible blessing! Our dryer is old, I mean OLD! Its easily 30 years old and takes 2+ hours to dry a load of laundry, and we feel quite blessed to have good people in our life who would just GIVE away a dryer, a 4 year old in perfect condition dryer, to someone who needed it. Our friend Wendy and her husband Brad are very generous people indeed!

The rest of the day will be pretty relaxed. I have to get Avery from school in half an hour and then its just a quiet day, dinner and hanging out with the kids, I believe Elvis promised Avery a Wii sword fight, then baths and bed, and Elvis and I will catch up on some TV shows we're behind in. Its a good day.

This is a great day. A day to rejoice in some real simple pleasures, like how my girl will babble on to me about her day at school, and how she showed her McDonald's toy at show and tell, and how she'll tell me she missed me all day. I'm looking forward to unpacking her back pack with her and hearing about what letter they worked on today, and what songs they sang.

I'm looking forward to watching my kids splash in the bathtub, a few moments of the day where they play nicely together. And I'm looking forward to story time, again, a few moments of peace and quiet over a good telling of "Meet Wild Boars" (a great atypical kids story with plenty of giggles). Then bedtime............ah, bedtime. Quiet time!

My day will start and end in the arms of my husband, a gift. And sandwiched between that, the joy of being a mother and the gift of God's word and of second chances for our marriage and family.

Just another day. No drama, no excitement, but blessed none the less (or maybe blessed all the more for lack of drama or excitement!).



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