Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Boy!

My boy is precious, pure preciousness!

My boy has the most squishable cheeks and kissable lips!

My boy has an unfair amount of thick dark eyelashes, its just not fair.

My boy is fiery and hot tempered.

My boy is super sensitive and easily wounded.

My boy only wants to eat food he thinks is yours.

My boy loves cuddles, Mama cuddles especially.

My boy is in awe of, and terrified of his sister at the same time.

My boy loves babies.

My boy doesn't talk much, he's the strong silent type.

My boy loves cars and trucks, what boy doesn't?

My boy is tidy! He cleans up like no ones business.

My boy likes all doors to be closed at all times, he's the self appointed door police.

My boy's a small fry like his big sis, and I like him that way!

My boy has a guardian angel in Heaven, and holds a piece of his brother with him always, even if he doesn't realize it yet.

My boy is therapeutic, just holding him makes the world feel right.

My boy learns something new and exciting every day, and its amazing to see the world through his big, brown, heart melting eyes.

My boy is a treasure and I'm incredibly proud to be his Mama.



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