Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Girl......

My girl is all kinds of beautiful.

My girl is a little pixie, she's short and slight and too precious.

She's incredibly observant.

She's smarter then a four year old should be.

She's got a memory like a steel trap.

She's got cool moves and can't help but use them when she's caught by the beat.

She's intensely loving.

She gives pretty passionate kisses ;)

She loves talking on the phone.

She hates pants, takes them off any chance she gets.

She loves the Wii fit, not the Wii, but the Wii fit specifically, loves to know her Wii age.

She loves to read, and can actually read.

She's spirited, and by spirited I mean she was sent to the principals office three times in her first month of Junior Kindergarten.

She knows where your zygomatic bone is (do you?).

She loves her family.

She thinks her brother is alright.

She knows more about loss and Heaven then she should.

She drives me.

She makes my heart skip a beat.

She reminds me that all these changes I am striving to make will be worth while if they somehow have a positive effect on her life and make her smile that smile.

That smile! She melts my heart!

I can't get enough of my girl!



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